What is this overwatchboost.pro service?

Our service helps players to achieve their goals in Overwatch game: from simple wins to high rankings. 

For whom is overwatchboost.pro?

Our service was created for all types of players: new and experienced.
For experienced players:
- we save your time on winning placement matches,
- we save your rating making wins with professionals, not with random newbies.
For new players:
- we have a coaching service for you: helpful Overwatch high-ranked players will kindly teach you everything they know about Overwatch gameplay.

What about your team?

We are a team of professional managers and high-skilled players, totally involved in games. We work 24/7 executing orders. Our managers are always in touch and ready to help every day from 6 am to 2 am. 

How can I contact overwatchboost.pro?

Use e-mail or Live Chat (at the bottom of the page) and Skype for instant answer of the manager.

Who are the boosters?

Our boosters are well-known professional players and high-skilled players from all over the world who achieved highest positions in ladders, who prefer to stay anonymous.

Is it safe?

Some of the orders are doing via account sharing, but you shouldn’t worry about it. We never ask personal information and secret questions. We never transmit your account or payment information to others. Our team works for years boosting other games such as World of Warcraft or League of Legends we have hundreds of completed orders and lots of positive reviews.

Work with us

We are always looking for new members. If you are talented Overwatch player and want to become booster or already making boosts as a freelancer and search for a large stable team – we are the shop you are looking for. To become one of our boosters you have to
 - Have 3000 or higher best rank
 - Be polite with clients and team members
 - Be able to complete your orders in timely manner. We expect our boosters to do 15-20 games per day
 - Love to play Overwatch!
If you think you are one of the boosters we are looking for you can contact us in skype or send apply with form on Contact Us page.
Apply must contain of: your current rank, servers you are able to play, your previous boosting experience, your ability to coach League players and languages you can speak.
Also our shop is looking for a sales agents who can work on advertisement and promote our site variour ways. We can offer percentage of every sale and monthly bonuses based on number of deals. Contact us same way


How can I pay for the boost?

You can choose between more than 20 methods of payment, including credit card and the Paypal. Use any method you are comfortable with. Be sure, that we never transmit your payment information to others.

Should I necessarily share my account to complete the order?

No. For most of services you can choose if booster plays on your account or you do it by yourself with boosters in team (just mark the required checkbox).

Can you stream my boost?

Yes, there’s the option of personal stream, so you can see what the booster is doing on your account. Note, that not all the boosters can stream, so you should ask our manager about it before we start executing your order.

I don’t like my booster, can I get a different one?

Yes, sure. Contact us via Skype or live chat, explain your complaints and we will change the booster for you. We check the quality of our booster’s game, so be sure, this situation will never happen again.

How long will it take to complete the boost after the purchase?

Practically we start to complete the order in an 24 hours after the purchase. Then it depends of the service you’ve chosen. The average time of the order execution is between 4-16 hours. Our boosters make 300-400 rating points per day if your rating is lower than 3000 and 200-250 rating if your rating is higher.

What is the NET win?

Net win is a pure win. If you purchase 10 net wins, you will receive directly 10 wins, not depending on how many games booster has lost while doing it. If he loses 4 games from 10, he will play until he makes 10 wins as it’s placed in the order.

Can I choose any specific character for the booster?

Yes, of course. You can choose any characters you want and it’s absolutely free. Booster will try to choose selected heroes whenever it’s suitable.


How many wins will you do in Placements games?

We guarantee 70% wins if you share your account to us. Actually, we do about 80% of wins every time, but this number varies. 

What if we didn’t make the promised winrate?

For each loss we make, we boost +50 rating after placement matches.

Thank you for placing an order on overwatchboost.pro . Our support will contact you as soon as possible to confirm details of the service.